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"Life is hard."

I hear it all the time

but there's something about that sentence

that they're not getting right

Life isn't something you can touch

and it's not something you can see

it's something deep within us

that allows us to just... be

No, LIFE isn't hard

the word you're looking for is LIVE

See, living takes a lot of effort

that some people just can't give

It's not that we don't want to

or that we're not trying hard enough

it's just... sometimes the things we go through

make living kind of tough

From heartbreak to mistakes

or losing your best friend

the world is filled with heartache

that makes it harder to pretend...

Oh, I know we say we're fine

and that everything's just "swell"

but inside we're slowly drowning

and I'm not surprised that you can't tell

See, some of us are experts

at putting on a mask

like robots, we can nod our heads

and even smile when you ask

But if by chance you ever managed to

see beyond the words we say

you might glimpse the inner demons

that we battle every day

From self-hate to self-harm

and a variety of bad self-thoughts

sometimes, they just find their way to us

but sometimes it's what we're taught

Depression and Anxiety and unrelenting OCD

panic attacks and flashbacks and even PTSD

these aren't excuses we come up with

they're just harsh reality

It's not our fault we have them

they're not something that we choose

they're just the hands that we've been dealt

and aren't at liberty to refuse

So in honor of these silent soldiers

who walk through life invisibly scarred

the next time you want to say that phrase

remember... it's not LIFE but LIVING that's hard...

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