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Be the Change You Want to See

John HansenJohn Hansen June 16, 2020
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Be the change you want to see,

A better world for you and me.

A place our children can roam free.

Make things how they used to be.

Listen to my worries please,

Who knows what this verse achieves.

For happiness my heart it grieves,

It’s possible, my brain believes.

Everyone may not agree,

Some like coffee, others tea.

Or climb up in the highest tree,

Beyond the hill, green grass they see.

Please show no animosities

To any race or minorities.

As different as chalk from cheese,

A lone wasp in a swarm of bees.

From grave conflict and strife they flee,

As victims of depravity.

I pray for peace on bended knee,

An end to war, that is my plea.

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