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Shadow of vague awe is all over

death amuse all humans but game,

forced survivors to live in terror

as panic sitch began again,

This is the time of Apocalypse,

A pernicious disorder excited to nation,

which unfurl with great ease

cause humans to be in a state of confusion.

It’s Corona outbreak,

A deadly disease strucks

enforced to lockdown to avoid perils,

ruined connections who cared for one another

people gazed in awe at the dark tendrils.

Nature confiscate all revenge with cruel

men are helpless counting Zombies,

edify individual a lesson of existence

Or ready with near ones to buries,

The deadly Corona has in its full pace,

don’t be restless, shatter the fetters of Covoid;

Now coins cannot secure our entity

no machete can oppose the fate

the only way is to self-isolate.

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