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Gone to office while working

Only to keep the family running

Places to where I drove long distances

In an effort to make audit reports

Not withstanding all the troubles

And striving only for successes

To ensure a good life for daughters

Hoping the efforts will bear fruits.

I didn't realise will soon reach seventy

Yes, now I have all the time aplenty

Er! How days go by one never sees

Now only I realise when wife reminds

Going back, I wish I did differently

And explored avenues silently

Rest is history as all say gently.

Anyways have reached this milestone

To find my ways that can be done.

Soon have realised I am not as I was

Energy lets itself pass

Verily have to take rest many times

Eat, sleep are two most activities

Nights I endure with sleep disturbed

The pains come unannounced

Years I have to spend not specified.

I now live recalling past events

Social calling with family & friends.

Have been meditating for years

Earnestly doing yoga asanas

Angina I suffered with attack

Least I know how I came back

That is not in our drill

Health is only god's will

Yes, we don't know when we fall ill.

Have lost hair but there is grey hair

Any displeasure that I dare

Phone & TV come to my care

Passion is also for reading and writing

Yes, that's how I have been living.

All will reach this stage

Not to worry it is just an adage

Doctors say it's just old age.

So long; stay happy

And stay healthy

Face life as it unfolds

End it is of my outbursts.

(This is an acrostic. Please read the first letters of all stanzas collectively.)

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