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NRIs are non-residents but Indian

Who live outside our nation

Mostly they graduate here

Go there to be far from near & dear.

Initially feel relieved of compulsions

Enjoy the freedom with companions

Can do anything, yes, anything

No one to ask them why this swing?

No doubt opportunities galore

Experiences gained much more

Global vision enhances

Truly their outlook widens.

Going out for them is a real pleasure

Places are so tidy they feel for sure

Travel is comfy and well planned

It's a good way to feel relaxed.

After few years, miss out Indian life

Meet Indian friends to avoid strife

Enjoy Indian music and dance

For peace with oneself, a sure chance.

Get used to eating pizza and pasta

But cannot leave out idli dosa

Rice and roti are a must

Indian cuisine is the best.

Get almost everything Indian

Better than that here even

So why live here, they say

When you are paid more every day.

They view India as a polluted nation

They use sanitizer without hesitation

Carry mineral water everywhere

For they don't dare drink water here.

Come back here, did you say,

Work for your country and stay?

Will have to think about it instead

But that is too long a way ahead.

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