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International women's day March 8

Gopinath SGopinath S March 14, 2023
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Come 8th march every year, we remember women

But do we, men, know the reasons why they weaken?

Recall the discomfort they face during pregnancy

For 9 months, they face anxiety.

Bringing up children is their forte

We stay away by playing truant

Then we claim as 'our' children

For we play with them with passion.

After work, kitchen is their space

For cooking is what they embrace

Without them, we go hungry

Or we eat out without any hurry.

We pride in taking them along

We don't miss making fun of them headlong

We feel lonely without them

But we claim we are happy with chum.

Remember Nirbhaya's gruesome rape

And Shraddha's horrific murder?

Men continue to rape and murder

With no respite in order.

We should not forget what they face

Every month the discomfort that stays

Once it stops they feel weaker

That's the strength they wear.

Let us not celebrate women only this day

Let us honour them everyday

For we can do nothing without women

That should be our mission.

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