An ode to my cell phone's image
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When my first cell phone landed in my abode

My BSNL landline went into sleep mode

I made my first call sitting on my recliner

This time I didn't have to go to the phone corner.

I make calls from anywhere

That's why it's called a 'mobile' per se

It has come in many avatars ever since

Each year or two, I buy one of its latest kins.

I can also store numbers in contacts

I just have to retrieve and make calls

There's no need to recall any number

Nor is there a need for a phone logger.

With wifi, I access Google to get any information

I watch videos on YouTube and read my mails spot on

My laptop is feeling lonely

Because I use it hardly.

I also make all payments and deposits

I keep track of all my accounts

I don't make visits to bank anymore

Gone are the days of yore.

I am active on social apps

In touch with my family and pals

We don't meet in person on the side

For they live far and wide.

Photos speak many words they say

We exchange them everyday

I also don't hesitate to take selfies

In my cupboard my camera lies.

With Google Maps, I navigate

Inbuilt torch gives me light in spate

I can also sing or play music as I please

My radio player is just a showpiece.

I watch soap serials at leisure

I see movies, web series in equal measure

India and world news are also on call

My 50" smart TV is idle in the hall.

My cell displays time, day and date

Calculator helps me calculate

There's a health app too for wellness

My smart watch is now made useless.

An app helps me consult a doctor for my woes

In the video call, he hears me out and prescribes medicines

I order them online that come home in two hours

An otherwise tiring trip I avoid in due course.

I can even order food when I want

And I get to choose the restaurant

Or shop for anything under the sun

Why go out and face traffic tantrum?

I book an auto or cab when needed

It knows my location indeed

Although it comes in different prices

We are now addicted to its services.

Every one carries a cell phone in hand

It is more than a PAN or Aadhar card

Walking, driving or even idling

To me, cell phone usage is baffling.

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