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It looks to me like a hundred sky lanterns flying

As our eyes meet in a symphonious romance,

Opening the doors to scale the deep and dark,

To the mystic world that is ours and just ours,

To revel in the trust and the divine auspice.

This is the love that the soul adoringly yearns,

One which is free from bleak rings of cynicism,

Which may just be mine for what it is,

But it be, the pure and beautiful as we be.

So I wish for the destiny to compose its dance,

For the ballad that my soul sings with my beloved's,

It shall be tuned with the loveliest love,

With a trust and passion never before been,

So magical and majestic that it shall for sure,

Make itself the song, the symbol for true love,

Each little drop of nature all around,

Shall hum the notes of the beloved's ballad,

Moving forth with a peace and harmony,

The story of our love, the ballad of its zeal, shall,

Till the sands of time shall be, cradle in it with glee.

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