Dear God's image
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Lucid moments with her

are fewer

and far between.

She is,

but I’m not,

forgetting who she used to be.

God tell me, what to do

when you lose a person who

is still standing in front of you.

Dear God,

please don’t take her

away from me.

There is still so much in life

she has yet to see.

Like true love,

nephews and nieces—

and things with time

like old-age-creases.

Dear God please,

allow her just

one more turn

to take back her life and learn

that she is here for a reason—

that this cold weather

is nothing but a passing season.

Show her clearer days

could be found ahead;

but none of this is possible

if she is first found dead.

God you have shown me

the Devil lives

in this powder;

and if you can’t hear my plea,

I promise to pray louder.

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