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When life makes you find out who you really are

You get twisted with no recognition of the wars becoming

But I believed that the devil made me look like a star

Drowning in your own misery and grasping for the challenging

I cant let her breathe if I want the chance

Pulling my under with the warmth of a thousand promises

But hearing the steering temptations are in a urging trance

Anger and lust is what the problem is

I froze into the thought of an actual beginning

The bruising of worry that is killing you

The struggle is not being within sinning

The demons are choking the fears out, through and through

The cuts in your soul will never heal unless you have it

You are never the normal, but way too off line

Getting higher than the world you want to be, too high to admit

They want to hide me and have a leader to call mine

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