Love's image
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Love can mould you 

In thousand different ways 

And for me , 

Your love turned me 

Into a hopeless romantic person 

I never thought I would ever be !

I wonder how fragile love is 

that we carry it in our deepest 

Of corners , 

In the edges of my veins 

And in between the warmth 

of my palm . 

I have broken my knees and elbows but kept love save in my 

back pockets , 

I have cried till my eyes tried 

But never allowed 

my moans to reach the 

ears of my beloved . 

I have written letters

and romanticised flowers , 

I have drowned in longing 

and dreamt of forever .. 

you see how slowly 

You have turned me into a 

hopeless romantic person ! 

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