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The Je Ne Sais Quoi

William WhiteheadWilliam Whitehead
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YES, I'm in love, I feel it now,

And Cælia has undone me;

    And yet I'll swear I can't tell how

The pleasing plague stole on me.

    'Tis not her face that love creates,

For there no graces revel;

    'Tis not her shape, for there the fates

Have rather been uncivil.

    'Tis not her air, for sure in that

There's nothing more than common;

    And all her sense is only chat

Like any other woman.

    Her voice, her touch, might give th' alarm--

'Twas both perhaps, or neither;

    In short, 'twas that provoking charm

Of Cælia altogether.

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