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O, Beautiful Hindusthan! Our very soul you are!
O, beloved Hindusthan,
The most delightful one of all you are!

So many Lands seen and heard of,
Beside her, all so very small do seem!
Puny are Egypt, China, and Japan,
Britain very much a hell, I deem!

So many mountains there are-
Himalaya, the Most Esteemed One, is yours
So many rivers there are-
Holy Ganga, the River of Flowing Nectar, is yours!

We have lush and divine forests here
Steeped in the musk of the Kasturi deer.
We have the glorious mango groves here
Where cooing Koyals bring in the morning cheer!

The melodious chanting of the Samaveda
Through the fragrant sacrificial smoke resounding,
Lures the Gods from their heavenly abode
To come here for their Somras carousing.

Here the Poet Kalidas croons his tender verse,
And the Sage Gautama Sankhyadyan doth reveal.
Here The Goddess of Freedom readily bestowed
The heroic Vikram to rout the Shakas with zeal.

Here too was born of Jijabai, Chatrapati Shivaji,
And Maidens embracing the pyre for their honor.
Bricked to death here were the Sons of the Great Guru,
So staunch were they in their loyal Hindu fervor!

Here to countless of our forefathers we offer
Oblations of your holy water with pride!
You are-Our Holy land! Our Father land!
Our Honor, and Our Pride!

O Mother, O Our Queen!
Who will dare insult you?
Countless Sons you have
To give up their very life for you!

To defend your honor and virtue,
Willingly die we shall!
Slash the enemy throat in battle,
And offer you a bath of blood we shall!

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