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Be conscious of what makes you happy,

Be a little wiser when you feel a little crappy!

This world is like a deep mystic mystery,

You'll not find all the clues in repetitive history!

There's a beauty hidden in each snowflake,

There's also a thing about tender color Lilac!

I'd tried to mummify the petals of flowers,

I've seen the wild and withering ones for hours!

We generally adore the resilient reminiscence,

To rejoice our souls in sheer nostalgic essence!

There's a reflection of an unknown in eulogies,

There'll be a suspect in existing ideologies!

As the world is evolving way too fast,

As there'd be discoveries which are going to last!

With the witty confession as a millennial,

I'd love to dissolve every illusion which leads to denial.

- Yati

Seeing things the way they are! ✨

~Dedicated to Relaxed Alertness and a Detached involvement!

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