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She wishes to write about rigid,

Also about what society forbids!

All her desires could subdue,

If she is aware of her virtues!

Her treasure lies in being true,

The giant trail would continue!

Her power none can ever steal,

Her propensity knows how to deal,

With the favorable situation & all odds!

Her heart is filled with the love of God,

I always wish her vigor & good luck,

May she find peace if she's stuck!

May nothing confine the beauty of her mind,

May memories bring laughter if she rewinds,

May her perspective earn a proper insight,

She always does embody innate divine light!

May she celebrate all little beautiful things,

May her dreams will get marvelous wings!

- Yati

"The happiest people are not the ones who achieve the most. They are the ones who spend more time than others in a state of flow"


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