Bewildering Bombay's image
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Sobo's Long spacious lanes!

Feels like speed resonates with local trains,

There is something to learn & gain!

Not giving up never goes in Vain,

Why should then I have to refrain?

Joy will multiply like a pattern of the chain!

So I've decided not to let my energy drain!

The purpose in the priority list is utterly main,

I won't let the creativity die within my brain,

Rather I'll choose to be unique & li'l insane!

So what this city has taught?

It has bestowed me dedication a lot!

I never yielded in front of the odds,

Oh! My heart sings along with it's chords,

I've found my muse & rythm in the city,

I can't thank enough for I'm in the best vicinity!

- Yati

Being in love with the city be like! ✨ 


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