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"I'll promise you that I'll align everything accordingly!"

Said the warrior princess to thyself whilst seeing her reflection in the mirror.

"I want to succumb,

I'm tired of feeling numb!"




Once she was completely ferocious,

But now she's trapped in a cycle so vicious!

So she writes a letter to herself. ❤️

In honor of thine,

"Unfolding the layers of my heart!

I'm yearning for a sustainable restart,

I am keen to enter this new transitional phase,

Our territory was never part of the rat race!

Neither I can resist myself from appreciating,

However, the pattern of victory is replicating!

The truth we garnered in our young minds,

They surely need better lineage to rewind,

Our old grown timber trees need preservation,

Our empire O thou soul! Seeks attention!

We have been coming together with strength,

There's a love for nation instilled within us in-depth!

The love is so pure for nation & belongings,

Our rich glorious narrative seeks better forging!"

Letter ends!

- Yati


There are fairy tales!


Then there are tales which needs to be shared fairly! ✨

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