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LOVE ; a book she never dared to read.

A book whose stories have always scared her.

But when it's God's will, better you sit and watch the magic.

And it's not one time she has experienced the same.


And one of the most beautiful magics is him becoming a part of girl's life like her.

A girl who is just as a poem; easy to read but hard to understand.

But he understands this poem very well.

Not only words he understands silences too.

People say being in love is so complicated but she believes being with the right person makes your life magical.

You have someone who is always there for you no matter what happens.

In your rainy days, you have someone as your umbrella making your life as colourful as a rainbow !

Everything turns magical when she is with him.

Together they learn, they grow, they experience and this is what life is all about.

Everything happens for a reason ; happens for it's God's will.

And she fell asleep in his arms calmly thanking God for sending an angel in her life.

Thanking God for all his magic !!

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