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Do I look depressed?

Oh! How evidently my heart knows life is a test

With patience & prayers I’ll try to give my best!

Not everything goes by how we have planned,

There are stages in life where we have to leave the pages blank.

A thousand times I get deviated,

A thousand times I’ll ask for guidance,

This weak human’s mind struggles in between chaos and silence.

Such is the condition of life, 

one day it makes you laugh 

The other day it makes you weep 

But the pain, 

Oh! It leaves the scars so deep.

I know my creator is by my side

And till HE is with me, I’ll not loose view of my sight!!

I’ll thank him, for I know

A soul does not get burdened 

for more then it can bear

The trials and hardships are to make you stronger, 

In order to survive here.

Neither will I be Sad nor I’ll loose hope

For the journey is long and all I have is a ray of hope that will help me to cope.

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