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We'll meet somewhere in a village away from these noisy cities

At the bank of any pond or in the shade of a tree 

We'll meet by leaving our new world behind 

At the same point where we were separated

Please bring our old memories along with you 

I'll make new songs out of those memories

Then I'll recite all those songs to you with my head in your lap

It's not necessary for you to say something

You just keep your hands on my head with Love

There are many more ways to talk 

You just smile softly And remind me if I forget something

this will be the only day in our destiny 

After this, don't know who will be where ?

On this day we'll remember the beautiful moments that we spent together

I know tears may come in our eyes but we'll only smile

We will promise each other to stay happy always 

I know it's difficult but we'll try 

If there is love it's not necessary to live together 


Love someone even when you are no longer in relationship is called Love.

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