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Atlast, everything is past!

Nothing forever will last,

Once role ended gone is the cast,

Cause of no reality is time warp,

Once initiated reversed can not be a blast,

Once released short are the arrows, so are the darts,

Reversal of time rarely is any art,

Go to shopping malls, roads not travelled, places not visited, never strolled marts,

Fill up your virtual carts,

Gone will be the matter bodies, remain will impressions of mind, truth of soul and prevalence of hearts,

Go check it once who are fools and where are smarts,

Everybody will be subjected to rites of breath last,

Run slow or make it fast,

One moment everything will be past,

If emergence, sustenance and the last super mega merger are 3 - will surely be subjected to part third,

You were happy as a person or had GERD,

Memories will be past, past must be most blurred,

Indeed journeys do matter as those are the experiences good or bad observed,

Beware - do not spat ever on others, Karma will let it stick one day to your very beard,

Existence lies in the hand of master and an other day flock master will be there with an other herd!

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