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"Two Piece Puzzle"

I catch a glimpse of myself, reflected in a stranger's eyes.

An image of a woman I do not know & cannot recognize.

She is strong & brave, and infinitely courageous of heart.

Even more so, being deserving of love, is the essential part.

She is not the delicate flower that fades at the 1st hint of frost.

Rather, she is resilient, impossibly focused, & can never be lost.

She is not fragile, neither is she broken, battered, nor bruised.

An archetype of her gender, a glorious specimen, slightly used.

Leaving the previous version behind, take me, newly incarnated,

the ideal one you dreamed of for an eternity & patiently awaited.

Perhaps my eyes display your own true self that you kept well hid.

Can we combine our perfect essences, do we dare? Heaven forbid!

©2018 360° Poetry

Anne Thrope

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