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He and I, like splitting souls

like a child in woods, crazy and deep

I like to write and sing

like a kite in the purple sky

he like a poker face with secrets inside

showing the world how untouched he is

I know he likes the poems I read

I am like air, shapeless and blind

and he is trynna make me his fine art

Cigarettes and drinks have not touched my taste

But he got me addicted to his pretty face

He burns the love stories and laughs at emotions

I collect them like an album keeping them all inside

He is in another world that is not mine

But tho he keeps me tied under his dark peeping smell

He is invading me piece by piece

Changing my dreams and making my heart bleed

Suffocating me with his smile

He is the reason why am I alive

I tried to run and climb the stairs

But he dragged me down in the world of toxic players

He ch

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