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Once I met a kind,

and friendly old man

He'd become a good friend of mine

We talked about life and his future plans

He is too in love

with the beautiful nature

of his proud land.

Joe lives in a fantasy land

dreams of childhood days

Walks down the memory lane

He planted daisies

and plucked wild berries

the birds singing

the bees buzzing

the rhythm of nature

he loves to cherish...

What a magnificent hometown

he proudly  described.

As he sits in his little fairyland

Where he dreams and writes.

He said I was his mentor

He learned to write from a tutor

He didn't  notice how diligent he was as my teacher

When he praised my writes he gave me flower.

Today... Joe is older

But he'd never grown weaker

Once he marched in several wars

Made England proud of its brave soldier.

life goes on

and he moves on

enjoying the wilderness

on his own..

Dear Joe Cole

You'd never be alone

my words and yours in all good poems........

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