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I am a thunder in a blue sky.

Need no wings, need no dreams.

For enough my feet are,

To take me around

The world with just a few scar. 

A grey alcove on the beautiful blue ,

Shrouding clouds of hopelessness,

Times when blinded by the fog 

And sometimes crystal as the dew..

Underneath the spotless sky I stand.

A path ahead holding no clue,

But a million dreams to make true.

Nothing to lose , nowhere to land ,

One day from where I flew.

But I hear, I hear a sound ,

Of a Thunder in a Blue Sky..

So wake up, wake up

End the dreams, and lit up, 

I wanna sometimes to be happy 

For which I sometimes 

Gonna wish, I lie, lie, lie to me

For now I wanna say with no shy..

That I am a thunder in a blue sky.

I am a thunder in a blue sky... 

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