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Hours had I spent waiting for your arrival,

Hoping but to view a single glimpse of you,

I am the same old one I was the day afore,

Yet your vision makes me feel fresh and new.

Happily l can smile and spend the whole day

Coz I can feel your presence near me,

But I fear I will not be with you at night

My pain, can you never feel or see?

The whole day I spend looking at you,

Do you ever even care to look once at me?

I know you are busy, have lots of work to do,

But don't you have a moment to look and smile in glee?

At night I spend waiting the arrival of a new dawn

The moment I can see you appear back in the welkin blue,

Your majestic arrival and the vermile of the sky

How can you forever look so fresh and new?

I had spend days likewise, waiting to see you smile back

This is the only dream mine eyes did ever behold,

And my days are almost spent, my departure is near

I sadly realised as I grew withered and old.

And now I know however much I love you

You will never waste your time loving me back,

And one day looking at you, I may leave

But you will not even pause for my sake. 

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