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Inspirational Story Gautam Adani

Picture Saujanya se: India Tv Rajat Ji

Today I watched Gautam Adani Aapki Adalat Rajat Sharma interview; Rajat Sharma Asked many pinching questions about his life, his formula to make himself richest industrialist in the world.

I saw the man of Money very cool and calm no any supervisor emotions in this personality just simple and normal.

Every common man can adopt this type of attitude and take inspiration his life journey; A common man how can build his empire and no any superiority his actions and reply.

He told that he passed 10th class left his education and came Mumbai and live there four five years and returned home town Ahmedabad and started his business with low capital.

I followed only one formula hard work,hard work, hard work this is the formula of anyone success, may be some big trouble come in your journey but always focused your work, don’t stop your journey success will come automatically.

He told I was uneducated person only hard work and clear vision is my key factor.

Rajat sharma asked you are richest man in the world how can contribute your money to development of poor needy person.

Gautam Adani told in June my 60th birthday my family members wanted to gift me but I told them contribute my welfare organization; they gift 60thousand crore to my organization and welfare project planning going on supervision of my Doctor wife.

Summary: I inspired the richest man personality behaviour, very cool and calm. We common man after acquiring some success, feeling superior to other people, but real rich man always simple and polite, this is the buity of real rich person.

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