Laughter is a medicine's image
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Laughter is a medicine, they say

It chases our worries and fears away

And when we feel low and down

Laughter can lift us up from the ground

So here's a poem, just for fun

To make you smile before it's done

It might not be Shakespeare or Keats

But I promise it'll be a treat

There once was a man from Peru

Who always wore one purple shoe

He'd dance and he'd prance

With a smile and a glance

And everyone loved him, it's true

There was a young lady from France

Who loved to do a silly dance

She'd hop and she'd skip

With a grin on her lips

And she never missed a single chance

There was a man named Fred

Who had a big nose, it's said

But he didn't mind

He was always kind

And his laughter filled the room like bread

So if you're feeling blue and down

Just remember this silly little clown

Laughter is the best cure, you see

And it's free, it's easy, and it's guaranteed

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