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Life, a journey of endless pain,

A path of thorns, an endless rain.

Separation, the bitter truth we face,

Leaves our souls in a constant chase.

The wounds we bear, deep and raw,

Reminding us of what we saw,

The love we lost, the dreams we chased,

All gone, never to be embraced.

But through the darkness, a glimmer of light,

A chance to break free, to take flight.

To heal our scars, to find our way,

To welcome the dawn of a brand new day.

For in the depths of our despair,

We find the strength to rise and dare,

To seek new worlds, to chase new dreams,

And in the end, to find our seams.

So let the pain be a teacher,

Let the wounds be a preacher,

For in our struggles, we find our might,

And in our pain, we see the light.

"Rashid Ali Ghazipuri "

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