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Enlightenment, a state of mind so pure,

A path we seek, with an unwavering lure.

A connection to something, beyond ourselves,

A truth that liberates, and truly delves.

And yet, amidst this journey of the soul,

A force so powerful, can make us whole.

True love, a force that binds and connects,

A light that shines, and never rejects.

For in the embrace of true love's grace,

We find a connection, that can never be misplaced.

A bond that transcends, all earthly bounds,

A love that lifts us, and truly astounds.

It's in this love, we find enlightenment's key,

A path to freedom, to truly be.

For in the embrace of true love's light,

We find the truth, that makes all things right.

So let us seek, this love so true,

And let it guide us, in all we do.

For in the connection, of enlightenment and love,

We find a peace, that comes from above.

"Rashid Ali Ghazipuri "

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