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At the shore where waves caress the land,

A scene unfolds, divinely planned.

As dawn awakens, painting skies anew,

The sun emerges, casting golden hue.

Hope dances on the crests of each wave,

Whispering promises, the world to save.

In radiant glow, shadows fade away,

Darkness retreats, a defeated display.

With gentle touch, the sun's warm embrace,

Unveils a future, filled with grace.

Its rays of light, like whispers of solace,

Illuminate paths, where dreams find solace.

The sea, a mirror reflecting the light,

Mirroring the hope that conquers the night.

In every ripple, a story is told,

Of resilience, courage, and hearts that unfold.

For as the sun ascends the vast expanse,

Hope flourishes, giving life a chance.

With every rise and fall, a sacred vow,

That darkness vanishes, here and now.

So let us stand on this shore of dreams,

Where hope's eternal flame brightly beams.

Embrace the light, and let our spirits soar,

Knowing darkness fades, and hope endures.

"Rashid Ali Ghazipuri"

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