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In the realm where fate and I stroll side by side,

We walk as parallel lines, our destinies divide.

A profound longing resides within our souls,

Yearning for a connection, unification of goals.

At times, sorrow embraces our weary hearts,

Caressing our spirits, tearing our dreams apart.

Yet, moments of joy burst forth like fleeting stars,

Glimmers of happiness amidst life's bewildering czars.

An illusion, it seems, this intricate dance we weave,

A tapestry of existence where reality deceives.

Through the labyrinth of life, we tirelessly tread,

Seeking truth's essence, with every tear we shed.

The sands of time slip through our restless fingers,

As we wander in pursuit of wisdom that lingers.

Through trials and tribulations, we strive to see,

The profound secrets hidden in life's grand decree.

Oh, the enigma of our intertwined fate,

Forever entangled, yet distant, we navigate.

Our hearts beat in rhythm, yet destinies diverge,

Yearning for unity, a cosmic urge.

In the vast expanse of our eternal quest,

We dance on the edge of the universe, unrest.

Seeking solace in the depths of our being,

For the truth we crave, the answers worth seeing.

Though destiny and I may not befriend,

We march together, parallel till the end.

Embracing the longing, the ache, and the strife,

For it is in the search we discover true life.

-Rashid Ali Ghazipuri

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