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Heart was heavy,

but the face held its smile,

‘You are losing it now’, the heart said,

‘But you aren’t the one to be afraid’, mind replied

While I kept thinking there stood a strong mountain,

It all came down like an avalanche,

Devastating and so sudden,

Carrying tons and loads of burden.

As the thought of drifting away was freaking,the same question kept on repeating in my mind.

Was the anchor to the ship shaking?

But, isn’t the ship meant to sail?

Because standing ashore is being fail?

The thoughts kept crossing the mind,

what is to be done trying to find.

The scenes replayed every now and then,

what went wrong and especially when,

Trying to hold my own self straight,

I probably missed seeing your increasing weight…

The promises I did kept knocking my mind,

You said forever? and you think of leaving it behind!

A part of me is filled with love,

says whatever happened, forget with a shrug.

The other questions,

was my love not enough?

Because now having new ideas to love is very very tough.

The voices continue to ring in my ears,

reminding each and every smile and offcors the tears.

The calls, messages,letters or the posts

think of any single one,

and my mind goes and goes.

I promise to keep my promises till the time I can,

ignoring the ones I love is never a part of my plan,

for good or for bad,

whichever reason you had,

the words once spoken,

cannot be taken back.

The heart was heavy,

but the face always holds a smile,

This ain’t the first time,

there is closing of a favorite file.

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