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Streaming in perennial cycles 

The potential vows I often pledge,

I flush out when he's not around

But has never been acknowledged.

The frustrated tears of patience

Neither to him, I'm acknowledging 

That often, I hide behind my eyes

When he asks how I am doing.

I claim my right on his every hour

Alas! nowhere but only in dreams

And how follows him my spy eyes

I will never acknowledge it to him.

The red hint that glows my cheeks

Finding his concerned hands warm

How will I be able to acknowledge 

Placed gently on my unaware arm?


He splatters the acidic drops of oblivion 

So, why should I ever acknowledge him?

The strange fever I've mysteriously caught

And why before him, my legs are limp? 

Why I weave poetries in his memory 

With the bleeding ink of my heart?

I have never acknowledged it to him

That he owns every number of my watch.

But naive this little heart of mine 

Couldn't grasp a hint of the knowledge 

That not even the slightest breath I own

He knows I don't need to acknowledge.

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