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Russia and Ukraine were great friends,

Then why is this imbalance of equations,

Why so much aggression.

Both are indulged in inhospitable fight,

Not caring for humanitarian plight.

It's not a fight for existence,

Merely a show of strength and influence.

Painted a picture so agonizing,

Throwing the world in huge suffering.

Bombs and rockets exploding,

Gutwrenching merciless killings.

Everywhere rubble of buildings and home,

Air is filled with sulphurous smoke.

Mothers giving birth in shelters,

Children dying out of hunger.

Incapacitated people, sorrowful exodus,

Ravished women, mass murders.

Is this battle for freedom,

Writing stories of Martyrdom,

Or result of provocation,

Which is bringing so much destruction.

Please help United Nations,

And other peace keeping organizations.

Give these two powerful Nations,

Some cement to mend their relations.

Cement of love and harmony,

So they again become friendly.

Stop running race of arms and ammunition,

Begin an arena of co-operation.

Fight back the environmental disasters,

Calamities making human life shatter .

Help the countries with sinking economy.,

Protect people from poverty, losing dignity.

Can't we fence off our physical territories,

whole world known as single Country

Flags of different colors unite,

To hoist a peaceful white.

Add a new chapter in world's history,

Bring back world's beauty and glory.

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