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Just a tinge of life,

light, hope, faith

I am having left 

in my palms. And I 

am tired.

After this long journey

through unknown valley,

I think I am on cessation.

I was sure last night was 

the last. But it wasn't.

Why? I don't know what

to do with this new Sun.

As far as I am concerned,

I believe I have nothing to do.

My sack of success and failure is full.

Sun is staring brightly at me.

I am looking into my palms

in a bewildered fashion.

My attention is drawn to

another far off mountain, hidden valley.

How it could be! I have no energy.

I shouldn't be supposed to 

walk again on unknown journey.

Albeit Sun's eyes are stuck at me.

Go on! That's a totally different valley.

I am tired. I don't want to argue.

Then it seems still I have to move.

Sky is descending on me to

rub off a few particles of tiredness.

Yes. Okay. Let's move.


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