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What is this burst of brilliant light

I am seeing swirling around me,

Radiating from inside my body

wrapping my each and every element.

My mind is finding itself at rest,

My heart beating beats of peace,

My soul is active at this moment

creating bright rays highly enriched.

When I was created by the supreme creator,

He had put a lump of soil into shape

Sprinkled breaths of life into it then,

But He hadn't stopped simply there.

He had transfused blissful core of His light

His divine treasure, into my essence

I was not given a mere existence when I was born, I was blessed with a tough substance.

Why I have been crying all along supposing

myself trapped and enslaved by darkness,

Darkness is nothing of a barrier in my journey

Billions of Suns in my palms I have been carrying.

I was made like this, I was made with Light

I was made fully equipped for any kind of fight

I might find myself on my knees several times

Only to burst forth, to win against dark plights.


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