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A volcano has erupted

at fringes of the city,

Red hot death flowing

at a rapid speed.

From numerous rooftops

Eyes watching it,

Breaths nervous

Terror creeping in.

Time is moving fast

But Life gradually stopping,

Questions soar up in skies

O Faith! Is this the end?

An afraid silence is conquering

Night and Day but there comes,

A strong, very vibrant resistance

from a section of city roofs.

A tall, lean, dark girl,

Violin placed on her left shoulder

And right hand creating

hymns of life, echoing through airs.

No, this isn't end.

A sensation spreads throughout.

And then a chorus joins in

From different sections of city roofs.

Music of life.

Poetry of life.

Painting of life.

Challenging and defying death.

Hearts join together

Spirits join together

In erecting a huge dam

Against so deadly a flow.

However powerful 

However resourceful

Death may seem.

Life fights back.

And in the end

It's life that wins.

End isn't death.

End is Life.


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