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"Wars Are Ugly Manifestations Of An Insecured Mind"

Wars are physical overtures of mental bankruptcy that precipitate when one is unable to find peace within !!!

It is a pseudo expression of mental sickness that is characteristically nurtured on a misplaced power perception !!!

Aggression to maintain territorial superiority is a product of fear and apprehension constantly affecting a guilty mind that hasn't evolved !!!

No matured human being will ever think of invading into privacy of others, infringing on their rights to lead a constructive, collaborative and creative life !!!

Anyone who has been entrusted with people's faith or is sitting on a authority position has a larger responsibility to lead them with wisdom !!!

One who fails to do so is unworthy and poorest of them all - such sick minds need to be treated with therapy and appropriated with reasoning to help them evolve !!!

And all these processes are local ones wherein everyone who has a stake needs to apply his mind before blindly getting into execution of orders for action !!!

Liberty of human minds - an individual entitlement - should be respected by each individual - for it is an integral duty of a responsible person to facilitate it within and around - unconditionally !!!

Sooner it is realised, acknowledged and accepted, by each one of us, in his individual, interpersonal and social life, better it would be for everyone, everywhere !!!

Be a rich person in your own mind, by your own thoughts - with liberty, freedom and individuality as the driving forces - and - experience the magic of synergy so created - that is my invitation !!!

In gratitude,


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