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आस्था भक्ति श्रद्धा

Nitin KulkarniNitin Kulkarni November 30, 2022
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"Faith, Belief, Respect and Trust"

Much like any scientific research or an evolution process, where we begin with a hypothesis, postulate a theory, strengthen our observations by experiencing similar results again and again and then formulate the principles or laws governing these processes in general till an exception occurs and the whole cycle is revisited, relived with further exploration, research and definite improvements.........

..........similar is the process of human mind commencing it's exploratory journey with an inherited "Faith", developing "Beliefs" enroute based on repetitive confirmatory experiences with an integral associated feeling of "Respect" for these systemic incidents and then consolidate a "Trust" that is entirely unconditional, unshakeable and undeterred till a new discovery takes our mind to a larger elevated dimension of this confirmation process resulting in definite and visible improvement in our "Self-confidence" - A unique blend of faith, belief, respect and trust !!!

To have these processes guide us in life, we must remember the sequence of these intermediate destinations i.e. Faith, Beliefs, Respect and Trust before hitting the final destination of Self-confidence in any aspect of life and then continue to move forward and up with exploratory experiences all the while !!!

I have experiences of mine as well as those of my co-travellers to affirm this beautiful phenomenon of growing from one strength to another, while glowing with eternal peace of living a happening life with finality, completeness and closure at each intermittent juncture i.e. absolutely ready to conclude at any point !!!

Can we ask anything more from life ?

May we all be blessed with a dynamic wholesomeness enroute, in our life journey and may each place we visit be a destination by itself - that is my prayer today !!!

In gratitude,

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