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You can surely do,

Please do not rue,

Have not any blue,

My words are true.

When others can just do it,

To do, you, God will permit,

Don't foolishly relax and sit,

Let hope-lamp be wisely lit.

You are inferior to no one,

Be not afraid under the Sun,

For years, the world has spun,

In it, God helps you have fun.

Positive attitude must come first,

That quenches your goal's thirst,

Before deciding to take full rest,

Ensure, is done by you the best.

Before sleeping, conduct an inquiry,

If possible, keep with you a diary,

Surely there will be a fine discovery,

That yours is a wonderful theory.

An evil act may severely entice,

If you stand firm and sacrifice,

Away from you, devil sadly flies,

Your image is clear like the Skies.

If you exploit your fullest talent,

You will reach the maximum extent,

At no time, have a devilish intent,

As it bites back like a cruel serpent.

In some way, everyone excels,

Talents are in all the body-cells,

The pursued talent he who cancels,

Receives defeats in huge parcels.

Kindly God is there to bear the brunt,

Under the Sun, let pessimism be burnt,

Valuable lessons can be usefully learnt,

If only you prefer to never say, "I Can't"

Surely God helps the rich and poor,

My dear, forget to pray to Him never,

His love is sure to give you real power,

All your ideals, never wrongly lower!

M V Venkataraman

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