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Worries Freeze Peace to Tease and Displease

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 17, 2023
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Please keep with you a diary,

Record your present worry,

Your worry turns an absurd theory,

Later when you make an inquiry.

Worry is a strain,

Inflicting mental pain,

So, never at all entertain,

From worrying, you abstain.

Before worry becomes an addiction,

Soon enter into a vigorous action,

Keep in constant check your emotion,

"Worry destroys" is the right notion.

If fighting spirit is cultivated,

And thinking is carefully regulated,

Then, failure is by success substituted,

And worrying is naturally obviated.

If you are just frozen,

When losses have arisen,

You forget to reason,

To turn a worrying person.

If you very stubbornly refuse,

When worries come to confuse,

Then, you learn to easily defuse,

Bombs which defeats produce.

If you are weeping,

Fear will be creeping,

Defeats will be peeping,

You can't be leaping.

Though worrying is common,

It is a highly dangerous demon,

Controlling men and women,

Its arrival is a very bad omen.

You might have lost,

Now, forget the past,

By being ever steadfast,

Make happiness ever last.

Prayer is shrewdly evolved,

So that worrying is solved,

On God, burden gets devolved,

In our lives, God gets involved!

M V Venkataraman

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