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To work hard, if you have firmly decided,

By God, a way will be definitely provided,

Then, victory's door can be knocked at,

A place in victory's cabin, you will get.

When you spend time in working,

Before you bends even a king,

God will be very happy to bless,

If you work more and talk less.

Laziness may try to seduce,

Zest, hardship may reduce,

Please don't come to a stop,

Toil and continue to chop.

Working is the best idea,

To do work, ever say, "yeah"

Success will come in multitude,

Life will experience plenitude.

You may reach pinnacle of glory,

Still working truly is exemplary,

You will become for all a model,

God will rain with a gold medal.

Your hidden power is massive,

It is hidden as you are passive,

Please soon make a superb mark,

A plan to succeed, you earmark.

Relentlessly he who continues,

Always produces a great news,

This is such a truthful maximum,

As mighty God will guide him.

Try to utilize every chance,

In your field, you will advance,

Accept happily responsibilities,

And have faith in your abilities.

In helping others, be liberal,

Celebrate sorrow's funeral,

Instill into heart holy cheers,

Wipe off from eyes, sad tears.

God is your only superior,

Near Him without any fear,

You will be by Him guided,

Confusions will fall dead.

M V Venkataraman

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