Women can Tame Demon's image
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For the common good, women are made,

By even a demon, mercy is displayed,

If summon comes from a woman for shade,

By men and women, life-game is played.

Without women, men's value is only a nil,

No doubt, men''s lives come to a standstill,

Out comes a woman to give the world thrill,

Her clout is strong because of a strong will.

Modern women go for lucrative employment,

They turn goal into a wonderful achievement,

Concern for women's liberation is important,

To earn peace, their role is highly significant.

Goes away a woman by giving mental pain,

Knows this open truth every man's brain,

Grows courage in heart again and again,

If she shows her mind that has no stain.

Apart from undergoing higher education,

She takes part also in income contribution,

Her heart is prone to affectionate vibration,

Depart sad thoughts due to her cooperation.

Divinity has disguised in woman's form,

With sincerity, her duty, she will perform,

So mighty are her ideas that never harm,

This society, her creativity will reform.

Feather-touch is the order of the day,

For mother-touch, one must deeply pray,

Wither our beliefs if a woman goes away,

Gather positive ideas if she plans to stay.

Freedom to women must be given,

Their boredom must be away driven,

Kingdom of cock is captured by hen,

Wisdom helps us all feel the heaven.

Give woman kindly proper respect,

Live with her so she will correct,

Forgive mistakes as none is perfect,

Believe her, then God will protect.

Every woman will be surely gentle,

Her very nature is greatly subtle,

Let her carry always winner's title,

Worry never for losing the battle.

M V Venkataraman

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