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Tomorrow is unknown,

Yesterday was gone,

Today is the only one,

That needs to be won.

Death, all must meet,

Let present be sweet,

End will one day greet,

Will allow none to cheat.

Before death knocks,

Open the heart's locks,

Supply to all kind talks,

By mixing witty sparks.

Before time kills,

Kill time with skills,

Give body drills,

So as to avoid pills.

Put present time to maximum use,

Train mind to have broad views,

Take time to very carefully muse,

God-given brain, never at all abuse.

For received helps, show gratitude,

In danger, show mind's great fortitude,

Always maintain high-level rectitude,

By the Almighty, you will be rescued.

By constant practice,

Learn a trade with ease,

To practice, don't cease,

Victory, you will seize.

Think of holy God always,

With a smile on the face

Then, when the soul prays,

God sends blessing rays.

By being shrewdly curious,

As well as highly industrious,

Prove and turn meritorious,

Make this world prosperous.

Keep God ever in the mind,

He will support from behind,

He who is affable and kind,

Has a heart that is refined!

M V Venkataraman

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