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Why Life is with Strife Rife? 14/10/1998

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 30, 2023
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Life is indeed a severe battle,

With complacency, don't settle,

Positively give your mind throttle,

Let your coffin be a scent bottle.

Emperors believed in only warship,

Buddha instead tried keenly worship,

He had with peace real friendship,

Follow Buddha to tackle hardship.

Developed countries spend huge amount,

Still about space, have a mysterious account,

Their God only gave sermon on the mount,

Available stars, can they very easily count?

Finally died those who said earth is the center,

After death, the Sky only, all the souls will enter,

Can man stop spring, Summer, Autumn and winter?

Cannot He trust the mighty Almighty- the Sculptor?

Open and read any published newspaper,

You will know that life has become cheaper,

Sex and violence decorate magazine's wrapper,

Can't we look into life's philosophy deeper?

Flesh decorates every body's skeleton,

Animals' flesh as beef, pork and mutton,

Are by many beings with great joy eaten,

God weeps as minds are ruled by Satan.

There has come a severe breach,

In the matter of freedom of speech,

Massive meetings are held in beach,

Life's value, to people, who will teach?

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity,

Are being used nowadays against humanity,

Lord Buddha preached firmly against cruelty,

World is day by day losing totally its sanity.

Is not enough for the world one Hitler?

Were not his cruel ideas damn deadlier?

The whole history that took place earlier,

Should make our thinking wise and clear?

Fame, beauty, money, power and love,

Won't accompany when you go above,

Let your thoughts carry peace like dove,

Pray to the Almighty who will show how?

M V Venkataraman

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