Well-Done Sooner Makes You a Winner's image
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To complete the chosen task,

Patience only is highly wanted,

By skill, when life is augmented,

In pleasant glory, you can bask.

Expose your fullest capacity,

In any kind of commitment,

Enter into an agreement

With mind to utilize sagacity.

By being brave and bold,

Let confidence be infused,

Success can be produced,

If time is regarded as gold.

Ways to live are innumerable,

You submit not yourself meekly,

Stop worrying firmly and strictly,

Life will then become tolerable.

Plunge into immediate action,

Don't try to foolishly postpone,

Let truest efforts be shown,

Then life will give satisfaction.

To work hard, be honest and firm,

To dedicate yourself, be prepared,

Pray deeply to be by God cared,

Rewards will then be long-term.

Eschew pessimism,

Always be an optimist,

Boldly face life's twist,

By adhering to truism.

Have ever a positive outlook,

Gather sufficient confidence,

Firmly believe in Providence,

God will supply you holy luck.

If the task is very tough,

Don't worry, fear and weep,

Wisely don't also oversleep,

Work till body says, 'enough'

God-faith must be always had,

Prayers must be sincerely told,

By love, life must be ever ruled,

God will make you surely glad!

M V Venkataraman

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