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Wars are Farce that Create Deadly Scars

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 3, 2023
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No regrets for getting up too early,

As I can concentrate very calmly,

Because of wars, mood stays glumly,

But, my body, mind and soul are burly.

I am seriously worrying and asking, why

Should my human brothers have to die?

My heart and soul with brain sadly cry,

Disastrous wars, I very strongly decry.

Dying means leaving is permanent,

From the world, one will be absent,

Soldiers enter into death-agreement,

"What a curse?" is my only comment.

By leaving behind their dear family,

They face the world damn bravely,

They encounter many dangers daily,

Is their mission devilish or so holy?

If death gives a brutal kiss,

Soldiers attain eternal bliss,

Their presence, world will miss,

I think the decision is only His.

To live, mother gives the safest birth,

To her, her child gives the best mirth,

Via end, if he leaves for good the earth,

Death's mystery, he alone will unearth.

After death, none knows what?

There can't be any afterthought,

By a soldier, bravery is sought,

And by death, he is just caught.

Is death a cruel desert or a heavenly oasis?

How does the world always stay in her axis?

What is the reason for a cruel war-crisis?

For these questions, God forms the basis.

O- Soldiers- Your bravery, the world salutes,

You sacrifice your lives because of disputes,

For saving us, yourselves, God deputes,

Your precious lives, death God easily loots.

Can't there be any peaceful war-stoppage?

Why do wars alone cruelly fill the history-page?

Why does God allow wars to go on a rampage?

Must this civilized world become an orphanage?

M V Venkataraman

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