Wait for Light, Dawn will Eat Night's image
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Always patiently wait,

Let not effort be slight,

Believe in God's might,

Patience is ever right.

For a longer time, stay,

And during the stay, pray,

God will guard your way,

Becomes grand each day.

By using hope, let life be led,

Through honesty earn bread,

Inject God-faith in your blood,

Everywhere let joy be spread.

First do goal choosing,

Then indulge in chasing,

Troubles you may be facing,

But, defeats will be ceasing.

Learn to live by ever acting nobly,

God indeed will be pleased doubly,

He will sanction success favorably,

Lead this earthly life very humbly.

Help all who are staying around,

Love-principle alone is sound,

By love, all hearts are bound,

Build love in the heart-ground.

Whenever troubles arise,

Your courage must rise,

Your effort, you must raise,

Then, you get enough praise.

Peacefully let your life grow,

By overcoming every sorrow,

Forget the past and tomorrow,

Today, go steady though slow.

If you highly strongly hope,

Your progress, none can stop,

Victory is a remarkable crop,

That grows only in sweat-drop.

Tightly catch hold of God's feet,

God alone will never at all cheat,

Let hopefully your heart beat,

Then, you will face no defeat!

M V Venkataraman

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