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Believe not innocently anybody,

Except God who only protects,

Have a strong mind and body,

So that, badly nothing affects.

Develop noble thoughts,

To strengthen your mind,

Like those flower-pots,

Let joy in them, all find.

Through properly acquired habits,

Let mind and body be controlled,

Then, your health, nothing hits,

For exercise, you get enrolled.

By defeats, when you are crushed,

Just keep it wisely aside smilingly,

Quit sorrow by feeling refreshed,

With a massive hope that is kingly.

Past losses, don't munch,

As it is dangerously foolish,

Fate may give you a punch,

Still, in hoping, be lavish.

Form in life a noble principle,

Follow it with steadfastness,

Will be damn slow God's will,

But, will grind with firmness,

Unique rewards, gives contentment,

Be content, but give mercifully alms,

Help without any kind of argument,

When the needy extends their palms.

Have fullest trust in labor,

Aspire, perspire and inspire,

In heart, no ill will, you harbor,

Leave your life to God's desire.

At no time, think of cheating,

Always be truthful and honest,

Avoid under and overeating,

As moderation is the best.

Express agonies to God alone,

Not definitely to anybody else,

Will oblige your plea God in stone,

And rescue you from worry-wells!

M V Venkataraman

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